Learn 3 Secrets On How To Be Successful in The Corporate Wellness Market and Be A Sought Out Presenter

  • How to get your foot in the door?
  • Where to find your prospects?
  • How to develop a bio with impressive credentials making you the go to expert?
  • How to develop presentations and workshops?
  • How to make and package your Press Packet?
  • Do you want my Rolodex for The Best Resources in the Business?
  • Create Systems of Accountability?
  • How to create a team?
  • How to choose your company structure?
  • How to market yourself and develop pricing?
  • How to make the insurance companies your ally in the field?
  • How to get press and word of mouth referrals?
  • How to convert attenddee into clients without being pushy?
  • How to create a team within your budget?
  • What to talk about?
  • How to structure your offerings?
  • and much much more….Bonus
    You will receive many templates to create your own presentations, cover letters, follow up letters, and proposals in The Become a Credible Force in the Corporate Wellness Industry and Get Your Business Up and Thriving Program

If any of the previous statements hit home and apply to you, SIGN UP Now for THE Teleseminar  on Tuesday, October 9th at 7:30pm EST to learn The Top 3 Secrets You Must Have to Get Corporate Clients Now!!!  This is guaranteed to drive your business forward and give you an edge.

I will be introducing My No Holds Barred, Nothing Held Back Program that will catapult you into the Corporate Wellness Market with ease.  Avoid the mistakes many make, because you will get it straight from an Expert in the field.


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