Did you know the addictive nature of sugar rivals that of cocaine, morphine, and cigarettes?  Sugar is as addictive ad a Class A drug.  So in other words, it’s not your fault that you crave it, it’s designed to make you want more.
It’s no accident recovering alcoholics often turn to sugar as they cut out alcohol—it’s an easily available drug. According to a 2008 study out of Princeton University, “rats eating large amounts of sugar when hungry, a phenomenon [known as] sugar-bingeing, undergo neurochemical changes in the brain that appear to mimic those produced by substances of abuse.”

In addition to the detrimental effects of sugar shown in these studies, sugar has been linked to weakened immunity, even feeding certain cancers! Every teaspoon of sugar weakens your immune systems strength for up to 4 hours.  Now imagine how hard it would be to stay healthy most of the time, if you consistently drink sodas, which average 10 teaspoons of sugar in, one can.  It’s a huge stressor on your body’s system.

In fact, according to researchers at University of California, San Francisco, “sugar in the amounts consumed today pose a huge health risk-contributing to around 35 million deaths globally each year, including cancer.”  An increasing number of medical scientists and alternative practitioners know that the most logical, safe, necessary and inexpensive way to treat and/or compliment cancer therapies is to cut off the primary supply of food to tumors and cancer cells, starving them of glucose.  Sugar feeds tumors.  “It’s been known since 1923 that tumor cells use a lot more glucose than normal cells”, so by staying on a Ketogenic diet (a diet where most calories are provided through fats), you use a strategy known as selective starvation of tumors by dietary modification.  If you’re ever visiting a friend who’s dealing with this disease, please do NOT BRING them cookies, candy or baked goo ds.

Sugar is found in most processed foods, fruit juice, and sports drinks (in the form of high fructose corn syrup). It’s also in most of the desserts we grew up with and enjoy at holidays and birthdays; it’s hard to resist this ubiquitous substance’s seductive spell.

Don’t beat yourself up, that your weak, have no willpower, just have to have it, will do anything to get it, need it to stay up, need it to pay attention and more….  It’s designed to make your body and mind crave it. 

This is one reason why it is so important to wean yourself with a detox.  A detox doesn’t have to mean eat grass, weeds and sticks…. A solid detox can be food based so it gradually allows you to change your body by changing your cravings.  I know because I used to crave three Rice Krispee treats at a time and I had a crazy addiction to Swedish fish and Twizzlers.  I don’t have to fight that battle anymore, because my body literally doesn’t want that (and I mean crave it at all).

Fortunately, there are healthful ways to beat back even the most powerful sugar cravings.

Cutting Cravings Naturally
Cravings are a method by which your body communicates with you about what you may be lacking, and they should not be ignored. However, what you think is a call for sugar is likely something else:

  • Protein – eating protein-rich foods like meat, nuts, and beans gives your body a steady source of energy, therefore dampening signals for quick (empty) energy found in sweets.
  • Healthy Saturated Fat – adding coconut oil, avocado or grass-fed butter to your diet provides solid sustenance for your body and brain, which can help beat back cravings.
  • Omega-3s – a deficiency of alpha-linoleic-acids (ALAs or bioavailable omega-3s) can cause sweet foods to taste less sweet, which means you crave more of them to satisfy the flavor.3 Up your intake of chia seeds, walnuts, and wild salmon to prevent this.
  • Water – dehydration can trigger sugar cravings; drink 12 ounces of water when your next craving hits.  You can also try Rockin’ Wellness to minimize the cravings and give you massive satisfaction.
  • Sleep – fatigue stresses your body, but the quick boost you seek in sugar only provides a temporary lift. Instead, take a 15-20 minute nap if lack of sleep is the culprit.
  • Exercise – moving your body (especially walking outside) helps keep cravings at bay because you get a potent hit of serotonin—a feel-good chemical that’s also released when you eat sugar.  Try a HIIT Class or get out and ride your bike now that Spring is here
  • Cinnamon can cut cravings for sugar.  This spice helps to balance sugar levels and squash cravings.  Try sucking on a cinnamon stick, eating Myrna’s Skinny Crisps, or Sammi’s Cinnamon millet & flax chips.
  • Ocotea essential oil from Young Living.  This oil can help to balance blood sugar levels by putting 1 drop on your tongue and can also reduce cravings.
  • Love  – cravings for sugar-laden comfort food often point to a psychological yearning for companionship. Spend more time socializing or engaging in your favorite activities and your cravings may fade.

If you want support in banishing your sugar cravings for good, be sure to sign up for  Randi’s Transformational 12-Day Detox beginning on Monday, May 12th, 2014. During this detox you will receive a LIVE Guided Detox experience with:

  1. My full support throughout the 12-day period
  2. The benefit of detoxing with a large group for accountability and camaraderie
  3. 12 Days of meal Planning and Recipes (You can even be on this detox if you eat out or have to travel)
  4. Supplements to detoxify your phase 1 and phase 2 pathways (this means the toxins are literally released from fat cells and tissues and escorted out of your body)
  5. A full list of go-to foods
  6. Easy Trackers

All of the above will give you what we all want…

  1. More Energy
  2. Better Sleep
  3. Fewer to No cravings
  4. A Flatter Stomach
  5. Clearer skin with a glow
  6. More Strength
  7. Better Mental Clarity and Productivity
  8. Weight Loss
  9. No Bloating or overly full feeling

Click here to learn more about Randi’s Transformational 12-Day Detox

In the meantime, here’s a trick of mine:
I melt some Vita Chocolate over the stove till it’s creamy and then I dip fresh strawberries, raspberries and pineapple into it for a deep satisfaction of sweet goodness filled with anti-oxidants and craving satisfying taste.   VC-MIX-1



My second, just as effective go to solution, is a giant cold fresh Rockin’ Wellness Shake.  I have been drinking it for over 2 years and I felt an immediate difference in my body immediately.  I have recommended this shake to clients for years.  The ingredients are mineral and nutrient dense, meaning you get a lot of nutrition in one drink.  It also is designed to balance blood sugars and control cravings safely.

Get some Rockin’ Wellness by clicking here for less than retail   JUST CLICK PRODUCTS TO CHOOSE THE QUANTITY!!   (I’m trying to make it as easy as possible)  RW_ND_Daily_deal_glass-pkg_sm_medium



Spring, Spring, Spring….Most people probably have Spring fever ready to bust out of them. Especially those of us in the Northeast, we need more daylight, sunshine, warmth and freedom from being indoors. The next few days are projected to be in the fifties. Yea! Thank G-d for this taste of Spring.Spring brings up many different ideas for people. Spring should be a time when we feel less stress (for many reasons). We will once again get more sunlight which gives us more Vitamin D, immunity and smiles. Those with SAD, may begin to come out of their darkness.Historically, Spring is a time for cleaning, detoxing and growth.   The flowers and trees will bloom with color, people will plant their seeds for herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, flowers, fruits and vegetables. Families will clean out their homes from winter and get ready for spring. People will begin to move more as the weather gets warmer and our days get longer.Spring is actually nature’s “fat burning season”
The added benefits of fat burning are huge and go way beyond losing weight!:

  • Fat is a calm fuel that burns slow and keeps the mood stable.
  • Fat burning neutralizes the disease-producing acids that are caused by stress.
  • Fat cells are where we store toxic heavy metals, fat soluble chemicals, pesticides, preservatives and environmental pollutants like estrogenic plastics. When we burn our fat cells, we continually detox.

A great way to improve your stress levels, health and overall mood is to take full advantage of this season. It’s time to lighten up your diet from the heavy foods you may have been eating throughout the winter. Try to use this upcoming season to begin living within the seasons and the natural cycle of life.

Springtime is a cue (reminder) to clean out and detoxify your body as well. This is a time to get rid of any stored toxins you may have and build yourself up with nutrition, exercise and sleep. It’s also a time to take inventory of toxic emotions, people and situations in your life, and move through them.  It’s time to release and reinvent!!!

Some easy steps to take to begin your Spring Cleanse:

1. De-clutter your space (Donate, recycle and discard)

2. Reinvent your daily routine

  1. Wake up earlier
  2. Participate in more outdoor activities
  3. Avoid taking naps during the day
  4. Evaluate time -wasters
  5. Set clear intentions for your time

3. Clean out your fridge and YOUR DIET

  1. Favor a lighter diet
  2. Spring is a time for a lower fat diet
  3. Add more grapefruits, salads, veggies, leafy greens, beans, sprouts and berries
  4. Eat more cooling foods
  5. Add in raw honey
  6. Light, dry foods such as quinoa, beans, and spinach can help balance out fluid
  7. build up in winter.
  8. Avoid dairy products
  9. Hot, spicy food (anything with cayenne pepper, cloves, mustard, ginger, black
  10. pepper will do the trick) stimulates sluggish metabolism
  11. Avoid heavy meats and heavy carbs such as bread and pasta (during the Spring) – go for Grass-fed meats
  12. Eliminate hidden sugars
  13. Keep foods ready to eat in your refrigerator. Use a few hours on Sunday to prepare

4. Consider a short Detox
This will allow your body to release toxins and get that sh-tout of your body

Watch your inbox tomorrow for an easy, simple, live way to Detox with me and a group of smart people

5. Find a new Fitness Routine

  1. Revamp your routine
  2. Upgrade the music you listen to with a new Playlist
  3. Add in free-weight training
  4. Take your exercise outside
  5. Add walking, jump rope, running, tennis, golf, dog-walking, playgrounds and
  6. boot-camps. Just get outside and get fresh air and sunshine included.

6. Get clear on relationships

  1. Reinvigorate old and current friendships that have meaning.  There are no accidents in this Universe when people are brought back into each others lives.  Pay attention- Experience the New feelings and know it just may be how things are supposed to BE. It may have been the plan for you all along.
  1. Know when it’s time to move on
  2. Pay attention to your Energy and Mood when you are around friends
  3. Know if they are draining you or invigorating you


Reinvent Wellness tip- Get involved with Spring. Choose at least 1 thing from the previous list to tackle. Get involved and be accountable. Try planting this Spring. There is nothing better than planting fruits, veggies and herbs to enjoy for months. Water your seeds and take pride in what you are creating. You will be grateful when you are able to put your fresh tomatoes into your salad and sauces. Planting & growing food in Springtime is a way to give back to yourself.  (City dwellers start with a window box or a pot)

Stay tuned for healthy and fun ideas…and an amazing, proven Group Detox “Live” to get you on your way.  Registration and Information will be released tomorrow!!!

Get outside \ Smile \ Take Advantage of the Weather \ Pay Attention and Be Present

Love, Health, Success and Laughter

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xo, Randi

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We’ve been led to believe that Splenda and Equal are much “healthier” options than eating the white devil known as Sugar.  Here’s the dilemma, it’s true that sugar can do lots of damage to your body, insulin and glucose levels, and cravings.  In fact, every teaspoon of sugar actually depresses your immune strength for up to 4 hours.  With that being said, artificial sweeteners can do even more damage to you, your brain and your body.  But the Secret you may not know is that an ingredient in Splenda is actually a form of “Chlorine”!

You have heard it advertised as the “other” sugar because it has “sugar” in it’s ingredient list. Splenda is a sucralose. Sucralose is actually a chlorocarbon, which in simple terms chlorocarbons are chlorinated sugar molecules.  Yes! You’ve got it, Splenda is made from mixing sugar and chlorine!  My answer is – No thank you, I will pass.


The scary part is that the manufacturer’s are aware of the possible dangers of chlorocarbons in the body, yet they continue to market the product as a good alternative to sugar.

Some physiological changes shown in animal studies were:
1. a smaller Thymus gland (Thymus is critical is preventing cancer and infections)
2. enlarged liver and kidneys
3. decreased production of red blood cells
4. higher risk of an aborted baby or a fetus with decreased weight (why do you think pregnant women are directed to not eat any artificial sweeteners?)

Observational evidence and many complaints to the FDA have identified other side effects, not always associated by the consumer to be caused by the Splenda, but are most probably from the ingredient are:

  1. Bloatingmigraine
  2. Abdominal Pain
  3. Numbness
  4. Nausea
  5. Intestinal cramping
  6. Heart Palpitations
  7. Bladder issues
  8. Stomach pain
  9. Muscle aches
  10. Dizziness
  11. Diarrhea
  12. Headaches
  13. Migraine Headaches
  14. Shortness of Breath
  15. Anxiety and Panic-like agitation
  16. Potential Depression
  17. Mental fogginess or a spaced out feeling
  18. Vision issues such as blurriness
  19. Skin rashes
  20. Flushing

Do any of those symptoms resonate with you?  If they do and you’re a Splenda user, are you aware that Splenda (and many art-gras_epaother products) are released to the public, and sold without ever completing long term studies on humans?  In fact the FDA has a category called GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) which is where these artificial sweeteners fall into.  How do you feel about eating foods that are not quite safe??



Make an educated choice by learning all you can about what goes into your body.  I have decided that I will not sign up to be the science experiment of food manufacturers. Will you?  To make matters even worse, these food companies are protected by the law (to some degree) if you do get sick from their product.  Products can stay on the shelves until enough people are hurt by it, and then it may be recalled or reformulated  (Remember TAB and saccharin?)

Another ingredient with documented dangers is aspartame, that is contained in over 6000 products worldwide.  Aspartame actually accounts for at least 75% of the adverse food reactions reported to the FDA.  Mild side effects such as headaches and migraines have been reported and so have serious side effects such as seizures, it can also lead to weight gain (one of the things people choosing aspartame are trying to avoid.) Aspartame is literally an excitotoxin that may excite or stimulate your brain cells to death.  In fact, a key ingredient of aspartame is methanol,  which when broken off from the bonds in aspartame (since its a weak bond) can be distributed to your tissues, where other chemical reactions turn it into Formaldehyde, which as you know is linked to breast and prostate cancer and oxidative damage to your brain.  Aspartame is also linked to various blood cancers in long term use to people with a certain sensitivity.  The unknown with these additives/sweeteners is that some people will be very sensitive/reactive and others will not feel immediate effects, but either way it will continue to build up in your tissues and pose the risk of cancer or other illnesses years from now (even though the direct link has not been confirmed, just speculated)

The Shocking Story of How Aspartame Became Legal - aspartame side effects

The problem arises because so many people believe the advertising that they hear. Most people think that if something is sold in stores it must be deemed safe by the US Government agencies. If only that were true.

The good news is that there are many safe alternatives you can use to sweeten your foods.
Here are some yummy choices:

1. Raw organic honey
2. Xylitol
3. Stevia
4. Agave nectar
5. Brown rice syrup
6. Chicory root
7. Real maple syrup
8. Coconut nectar
9. Rapsadura
10. Dates
11. Date Sugar

Even with all these safe substitutes, if you are someone who suffers with pre-diabetes, diabetes, obesity, overweight or some other conditions, your best option is to avoid any added sugars until you have your ailment under control.

Splenda and Aspartame are hidden in over 3000 common foods, candy, beverages and chewing gum.  toxic-Sucralose-Splenda-Johnson-and-Johnson

I always like to provide suggestions and options that allow to meet people where they are and ease you into change.  So…if you are a soda-aholic, try switching to a product called Zevia, which is a naturally derived soda sweetened with Stevia.  It comes in many flavors and tastes good.  I especially love the black cherry and have been told the diet cola and cola flavors also taste good.


If you like things sweet and you s don’t have sugar imbalances and weight issues, try using coconut sugar or Stevia in your coffee, tea and lemonade.  Buy a box and keep them in your car, bag or pocket.  YOU are responsible for your own health and that of your children.

**Some facts were taken from Dr. Mercola’s website.  See Aspartame: The Bitter Truth Behind This Toxic Sweetener on YouTube or watch Sweet Misery for more facts and documented cases.

Leave comments below this blog and if you like what you read, feel free to share it with people you know and/or care about.

Love, Laughter and Health,

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Most Effective Ways to Have Better Sex

Women: Here are 3 exercises to try now:

Sex-Ex: Build Core StrengthCorkscrew with a Swiss ball


  • Lie faceup on floor, legs together and extended above hips holding a Swiss ball between your ankles
  • Slowly lift hips slightly off floor while twisting lower body to right, keeping upper body still. Return to center, lower hips, then repeat to left.
  • Do 20 twists, alternating sides. Lower legs.


Why it works: Core moves help control the all-important pelvic muscles you use during sex


Sex-Ex: “O” Insurance- Bridge pose

Targets: Abs, hip flexors, pelvic floor, glutes, and hamstrings


Lie faceup on floor, beach or grass with knees bent.

  • Squeeze glutes and engage abs and pelvic muscles. Lift hips, forming a diagonal line from knees to head. Lower; don’t let butt touch floor. Do 15 reps.
  • Next, exhale to tilt pelvis forward, keeping lower back on floor (not shown). Inhale to lower. Do 15 reps.

Note: to make this harder, this exercise can be done while squeezing a ball between your knees or with your upper body and head resting on a Swiss ball.

Why it works: The stronger your pelvic-floor muscles are, the stronger your contractions and the better your orgasms will be

Sex-Ex: Heighten Sensation Down There – Single Leg Step Up, Mountain Climbers into Walking Lunge

Targets: Glutes, hamstrings, and quads








Step Ups

  • Find a sturdy chair or bench
  • Stand in front of chair with feet hip-width apart.
  • Step up on seat with right foot, left foot hanging off. Bend right knee 90 degrees, keeping left foot hanging. Hold for 15 seconds. Step down. Switch legs; repeat.
  • Do 10 mountain climbers
  • Repeat sequence 5 times, resting for 1 minute in between.

Walking Lunge

  • Stand facing forward with your feet a shoulder width apart. Keep your back straight with your head and chin up. Place your hands on your hips while you do your walking lunges. Tighten your abdominal muscles.
  • Lift your right foot up in a 90-degree angle and have your leg form an upside-down “L.” Keep your knee and hip aligned, as well as your knee and ankle. Inhale as you step forward several feet in front of you with your heel landing first. Roll your foot down to have your toe touch the floor.

  • Lower your back knee so it almost touches the floor. Your knees face forward at all time and remain aligned while doing walking lunges.

  • Exhale as you use your weight and push up off your back toes and push your body forward to land your back foot in front to do another walking lunge. Keep your knee and hips aligned and your knee and ankle aligned. Remember to keep your abdominal muscles tightened.

  • Move forward with each lunge you perform.

  • Hold a weight in each hand or use a barbell to increase the challenge of your walking lunges.

Why it works: Squats, lunges, and other lower-body exercises help get your blood flowing to all the right spots

Men here are 3 exercises for you to do:

Sex-Ex: strengthen your upper body – Renegade Row

Targets Upper body strength. Building the muscles of the shoulders, triceps, chest, and back will make it easier to support your body weight for longer periods of time when you are on top or supporting her body weight during moves like standing sex positions.








Step 1: Position two  dumbbells on the floor – shoulder width apart. Get into position as if you were doing a pushup (on your hands and toes, keeping your body straight and extended). The handles of the dumbbells are used to support your upper body.

Step 2: Push one of the dumbbells into the floor, while rowing the other dumbbell. Pull back with your shoulder on the side you are working on and flex your elbow to pull the dumbbell to your side.

Step 3: Lower the dumbbell to the floor and repeat the steps with the dumbbell in your other hand.

Step 4: Complete for the desired reps.

Sex-Ex Flexibility -  Hip Lifts with Reach

A cramp at an inopportune time will ruin the mood. By stretching and lengthening your muscles regularly, you’ll be more likely to move into more challenging positions.

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 3.34.42 PM

  1. Lie on your back with your knees bent 90 degrees and feet flat on the floor, shoulder-width apart. Place your arms 45 degrees out to your sides, palms up. This is the starting position.
  2. Raise your hips until your body forms a straight line from shoulders to knees.
  3. Now lift your right arm and shoulder off the floor and reach for the ceiling.
  4. Then reach across your torso and tap the floor just behind your left shoulder. Return to the starting position. That’s 1 rep.

With your left arm, tap the floor behind your right shoulder on each repetition.

This Move Works:- Glutes, Hamstrings

Sex-Ex  Core Power Series

The abdominal and low back muscles are used for the thrusting motions of sex. You won’t be attempting any of those moves if you are laid up with lower back pain. Finnish researchers say that people with weak core muscles are more than three times more likely to suffer from lower back pain. Strong abs also hold your belly so it won’t flop over and get in the way of business.


The plank works your entire core and upper- and lower-body muscles. Lie down on your stomach. Lift your body off the floor with your forearms (elbows at 90° degrees) and your toes. Keep your body in a straight position (without arching your back) and hold for 30 seconds to one minute. Lift one foot in the air for added difficulty.

Pushup plank

This exercise is the same as the plank, except that you are in a pushup position. The pushup plank works the core, chest and biceps. This is a great exercise to end your workout with; it will fully fatigue almost every muscle in your upper body.



V-sit hold

This targets your abdominal muscles and improves your balance. Lie on your back and bend at the waist as you extend your legs and arms into the air to form a “V.” Hold this position for as long as you can.



AbMb-Russian_Twist_2-300x2251Russian Twist

This is the last core exercise to round out my three favorites. I find it to be one of the most old fashioned, but also the most effective. Simply sit on the ground and, again, find something to hook your feet onto to keep you anchored. Lean back until you are in a half-way sit-up position. With your abs tight, rotate from side to side, slowly pausing when you reach the end of each rotation









You’ve all been to the Doctor at some point in your life with a nagging symptom or problem, but no one knows what’s really causing it.  Maybe you go see many different doctors to find out why you get headaches, but still there is no solid answer.  The problem is that the people you are asking may not be completely up to date on functional medicine and how your Gut plays a roll in everything you experience.

As strange as this sounds your illnesses and symptoms may be from an underlying gut imbalance such as undiagnosed yeast overgrowth, a leaky gut, allergies or food sensitivities (including gluten).   You may have a Vitamin D deficiency that’s making losing weight very difficult for you and allowing you to catch every cold or flu virus you’re exposed too.  In fact high D levels are also important in Cancer Survival and prevention. Here’s the thing, most people are unaware of all of their blood levels, because you are only having the traditional numbers measured, but those numbers are only a small snapshot of whats going on.

You have about 70-80% of your immune system housed in your gut and if it is inflamed and/or leaky the inflammation may be throughout your body causing problems such as arthritis, joint pain, skin rashes, pre-diabetes, headaches, autoimmune issues and much more. The problem is that the outward symptoms are not immediately connected back to your gut, digestion, diet and blood levels of vitamins and minerals.  When these problems are contained and reversed the symptoms may disappear completely.


Diet may be the culprit, especially if you are a person who yo-yo diets, eats a lot of processed foods or chooses to try calorie deprivation.  More and more people are finally realizing that FOOD can be as powerful as medicine or poison and each person is different and some foods may be making you sick.  You need to know if you have any delayed food allergens for your body and start by getting tested.  If you end up being allergic to eggs, yet eat them 3-4 times a week, your body may miss a gene mutation because it’s fighting the egg proteins instead.  This can happen when inflammation causes a leaky gut, which allows digested food particles and proteins to escape from your digestive track into your blood stream.

I recently had this conversation with someone who was offended at the idea that diet could cause disease, illness and/or discomfort and that is not my intention for this article at all.  Most of this information is new and expanding daily and rather then regretting the past, jump on board and change your future.  Take charge of your health because no one else has the power or drive to do it like you.  When it comes to health, it is not something you have, it is something that you are.  Without health, you can not really be yourself.  Lack of energy or the ability to run around with your kids, due to inflammation or arthritis and suffering from anxiety, depression, chronic pain, irritability or low sex drive are not things that you have, these are things that you are and they can be changed.  Make a conscious choice and take charge of your health, question your symptoms and emotional state and be proactive in changing your life now.

We have been in an epidemic of Chronic Illness for years and trained to accept it as normal, but it’s not normal and doesn’t have to be like that.  Move away from band-aid medicine of taking a pill for every ailment and learn to listen to your body.  Every symptom may actually be a mirror into what’s really at the root of your problem.  Don’t run out of time, people are similar to cats with 9 lives and every medical event may be one of your lives getting used up.  Listen to the messages, know your body, what fuels you, drives you and allows you to LIVE Fully and Engaged with Health, Energy, Love, Laughter, Insight, and Intention.  Learn to practice wellness, play with abandon and choose with no regret.


Action Items to complete by January 31, 2014:

  • Go for Delayed Food Allergy Testing (I like MRT)  – Call me at 516-450-8344 if you need to get this done and can’t find a doctor or practitioner
  • Know your Vitamin D levels (25-OH test)
  • Consider genetic testing for Gluten intolerance (DQ2 and DQ8)  DQ2 and DQ8, are estimated to be present in over 98% of all people who have Celiac disease, the most severe form of gluten sensitivity or a gluten intolerance
  • Know your C-reactive protein number
  • Take a high quality probiotic everyday to begin restoring the gut with good bacteria
  • Get your vitamin levels tested before you take every supplement out there
  • Consider using Young Living Oils instead of Advil, Tylenol, cold medicine and Purple pills (www.Letsuseoils,com) Hint: Peppermint is a quick natural fix for indigestion, bloating and headaches
  • Consider a detox in January and start the year out right.  It eliminates most common allergens while detoxing your body now.
  • Stay hydrated and drink 1/2 your body weight in water daily with a pinch of celtic sea salt in it








Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 6.17.20 PMMetabolism is a big buzz word because many people don’t really understand what it means.  Metabolism’s definition is that its our bodies’ natural process of converting what we eat and drink into energy.  The energy is then either burned right away or stored as fat.  So, the higher (faster) your metabolism is, the more calories you’ll burn and the less you’ll store.

Your metabolism is influenced by 3 primary factors:

  1. BMR (Basal metabolic rate)
  2. The thermic effect of your food
  3. Your physical activity level

Basal metabolic rate accounts for approximately 60-75% of the calories you burn daily and is influenced by factors such as body size, age, composition and sex.  Building muscle by weight training will cause you to burn more calories a day, even when you are resting.  Building and maintaining muscle tone is a key factor in your metabolic rate.

Thermic effect of food (Thermogenesis)  refers to the increase in your metabolic rate through the process of digestion, absorption, transporting and storing of food.  This can account for up to 10% of your Metabolism (the amount of calories you burn each day).  The types of food you eat will have an impact on this.

Physical activity, including weight training and aerobic exercise, everyday movement from chores, errands and commuting account for daily calorie expenditure.  Your physical activity piece of this puzzle is the most controllable variable you have as far as effecting your metabolism speed.

There is no perfect calorie consumption number for all people.  You must take your own circumstances into consideration when deciding how many calories you’re going to eat (and that’s if you’re counting).  Personally, I don’t count calories because you can lose weight and maintain weight by choosing foods and ratios of macro-nutrients that suit you (but that’s for a different blog).  If you want to know Your Optimum Number of Daily Calories, follow this formula:

The University of Maryland Medical Center recommends that to maintain your ideal body weight, multiply your ideal body weight by 12 if you’re not that active or by 15 if you are active.  You’re total number would be the maximum number of calories per day to stay at that weight.  If you want to lose weight, create a deficit by aiming to eat 500 calories below the number you need to maintain your weight.  In other words, subtract 500 from your answer and that’s your new calorie count per day.  When you achieve your desired weight, go back to your original number of calories per day.

Now, the harder part, the types of foods you choose will also make a big difference in your results.  Some foods just can’t be broken down and processed as well as others.  For instance Oreo’s (which are getting lots of press from the recent study) will settle in your body differently than a fresh fruit platter with fresh cream.  Processed foods are challenge your metabolism to break them down and burn it off, proteins from grass-fed beef or wild fish, make you feel full longer, helps build muscle and have a high thermic effect.  High fiber foods such as dark greens, vegetables, berries and some healthier grains, break down slowly, provide steady blood sugar levels and are not likely to be stored as fat.

Some products that make your Metabolism Tired, Sick and Inefficient

  • BPA (Bisphenol-A)
  • HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup)
  • Phthalates
  • Food additives
  • Chemicals

Right now in current news, BPA is being connected to miscarriages, infertility, cancer, disturbed insulin activity, obesity and endocrine disruption.  HFCS has also been linked to disease, obesity, cravings, elevated levels of body fat and circulating triglycerides and more weight gain than actual sugar.  These two examples are indicative of what’s happening to your metabolism when you have constant exposure to these substances.  These are just two metabolism drainers you may be exposed to on a daily basis, if you’re not aware of them.

Timing and quantity of food is another factor of metabolism.  People who skip breakfast, do more damage than good.  Eating a healthy breakfast, soon after waking up, helps shift your metabolism into burn mode from sleep mode.  Certain foods can jumpstart the thermogenesis process.  Try including foods such as mustard seed, kelp, cayenne pepper, ginger and green tea to help your body burn food & calories more efficiently.

But the one factor that’s the easiest for you to control is your physical activity level.  If you can work out vigorously than you need approximately 90 minutes a week to stay tuned up.  Moderate activity requires closer to 180 minutes a week to benefit from a fired up metabolism.  You must be able to burn the calories your taking in, especially if you’re eating in excess, have imbalanced hormones, stress or poor food quality.  A good method to try would be interval training which are intense bursts of movement followed by lighter consecutive activity.  It forces the body to continue burning calories even after the exercise is complete.  Weight training is also important because it burns forward (future calories for a limited period of time) while aerobic activity burns past calories and then stops.

woodchop-exercise MB

Important tools to Fire up your Metabolism

  • Manage your Stress levels because excess stress will alter your Cortisol (a hormone, fight or flight) levels and can impact your metabolisms function
  • Eat breakfast and try to exercise at some part of the morning to help raise your metabolism for the entire day
  • Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water each day.  This should keep you fluid and prevent you from over-eating.  Hunger is often misinterpreted thirst
  • Use cayenne or hot sauce often.  The capsaicin  can speed up the rate that your body burns through fat tissue
  • Get active and move your body.  Your body is not meant to sit and wants to move.  Try having a dance party in your home, get out into the garden, take an active class, try  TRX, train for an obstacle course race, take the steps two at a time, squat up and down throughout the day by your chair
  • Use your breath to fuel your system.  Try inhaling deeply and exhale through your nose, so that you can see your chest and lower abdomen move with each breath.  You actually want to see your belly expand on the inhale and contract on the exhale.  This will increase the oxygen levels in your bloodstream and burn more calories.
  • Lower your thermostat to 62 degrees for at least 3 hours a day, to fire up your fat burning mode
  • Sleep in a cool room
  • Avoid toxins to the best of your ability.  Use foods in glass instead of cans, don’t store or heat foods in plastics, avoid Saran wrap in the microwave, and avoid artificial sweeteners.  Be aware of phthalates, bisphenol-A, aluminum, parabens and other compounds that act as endocrine disruptor, and may impact your hormone levels.




If you knew that working out would make your sexual performance and enjoyment skyrocket off the charts, would that be enough of a motivating factor to just get out there and do it?  Well the answer to the question Can a Good Workout Boost Your Performance in Bed is –>Yes, its true that a good workout can make you better in bed.  A good workout will also increase your sex drive and probably your confidence.


The truth is Sex drive is impacted by many forces such as your self-confidence, what you eat, how much your sleeping and what your drinking.  Sex drive has biological, psychological, and social components too. Testosterone, which is a biological hormone, is believed to affect sex drive; social factors, such as work, confidence and family, also have an impact, and so do internal psychological factors, like personality and stress.  According to Chris Jones, head of physiology at Nuffield Health, “There is evidence that enhanced testosterone and adrenaline in men and women does enhance libido…What’s particularly interesting is that exercise also seems to have an effect on stopping the problems that lead to a decrease in libido (AKA Sex Drive)


According to Dr Laura Berman “Regular exercise boosts circulation, tones the body, and primes the brain for sexual satisfaction. It gets your blood flow pumping, which not only creates rosy cheeks, but also improves arousal. Lubrication, sensation, and the tingle of sexual excitement are all fueled by good blood flow.”



Working out and sex drive go hand in hand.  After working out your testosterone levels should increase slightly which will in turn increase your Libido.  This applies for both men and women, since women also make this hormone.  If you have gone to the gym and experienced an optimal workout for your body, a healthy response should be to want to have Sex (as crazy as that sounds.)  If that is not the reaction you experience, you may need to alter your workout.  It could be that you need more restorative work that builds up the body (think Yoga, Pilates, Walking Meditation, Tai Chi and Stretching) or if you only practice using lighter working in workouts, it may be time to lift some weights and add some interval training to your routine.


Working out will help your body to function more  efficiently and should lead to better sleep at night.  At least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep in a dark room is a necessary component for a healthy libido, balanced hormones and good performance.  Sleep can effect your Melatonin levels which may impact your sex hormones and cortisol levels (stress hormone).  Both high levels of stress and low amounts of sleep can wreak havoc on a person’s ability to get in the mood. Other studies have shown that regular exercise produces higher levels of blood flow to the genitals which can cause greater sensitivity and enjoyment during love-making, thus making it more desirable.


Additional benefits of a good workout are the aesthetic improvements and the mental change people feel about themselves. Exercise is more than a physical result since it also connects your mind and body together.  More people are using exercise for flatter abs and a deeper self discovery.  Exercise promotes a surge of feel-good endorphins but did you know that a highly strenuous workout is one of the few activities that can simultaneously activate both the sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathetic (calming) nervous system reactions.  This intense dual-firing can paradoxically lead to an interruption in sensory information traveling to the areas of the brain that control our sense of ourselves at any moment.  Andrew Newberg, a Neuroscientist and physician, says “Not only do you have this great feeling of energy and calmness, but you tend to lose your sense of space and time.  This allows for creativity, a blending of different more intuitive ideas in ways you don’t normally mix things.”


When it’s time for your workout dress in clothes that make you feel good, even if your working out at home alone.  Frumpy leads to hiding and shame and bright, cute clothes make you feel good.  If you don’t want to see yourself, just stay away from mirrors and picture the version of yourself that you will soon be.  Try exercises that make you feel sexy and that are fun to do, then it doesn’t feel like a workout.

  • Zumba
  • Pole Dancing
  • Soul Cycle
  • Outdoor Cycling
  • Interval Training
  • Hire a Trainer and learn to lift free weights
  • Bar Classes such as The Bar Method and Exhale (you can even order the DVD’s)
  • 90 Second Fitness (NYC)
  • Glute Bridges

Women recently interviewed reported feeling sexier and more assertive after a good workout.  Exercise that engages your hips, core, pelvis and glutes can fire you up and lead to “hotter and more frequent sex”   As stated before, by shaping and strengthening these muscles you re-shape your thoughts too.  The bottom line is that fitness can connect you to your body, and how to use it in life and in bed.  Your renewed confidence in yourself, your strength, your appearance and your body will fuel your own desire and pleasure.  What are you waiting for?  I have listed a few exercises to get you on your way…

Pelvic Cross Crunch


  • Lying on your back begin with your hips flexed to the same position at which your low back touches the ground in the cross crunch.
  • Allow the legs and pelvis to rotate until your knee touches the floor without changing the angle at your hip.
  • Begin rotating your pelvis and legs towards neutral (vertical) while simultaneously bringing the opposite elbow towards the knee.
  • It is best to complete all repetitions on one side before moving to the other side. Warning: Anyone with an injury to a disc should get medical clearance before advanced oblique exercises such as this.


Prone Bridge with 3 Way Leg Extension




  • Lying in the top of a push up position.


  • Draw your belly button inwards raise your leg to parallel to the ground.


  • Keeping good posture move your leg in 3 directions up and down out to the side and the final movement is across your body in a rotation.



Hip Bridge (version you choose depends on your skill and level)

2 Hip BridgesThe hip bridge exercise isolates and strengthen the gluteus (butt) muscles and hamstrings (back of the upper leg). This, along with the single leg bridge exercise, are good core strengtheners that target both the abs and the low back muscles. The bridge exercise is considered a basic rehab exercise to improve core and spinal stabilization.

Hold the position pictured above for 15-60 seconds while maintaining control. If you do the single leg bridge as well, be sure to do both sides!

To increase the difficulty and intensity of this movement, alternate lifting up on your toes so heel come off the ground and then reverse it with the toes off the ground and your weight on your heels.


Body Weight Squat (Change Your Body)


To perform a body weight squat, extend your arms straight out in front of you with your palms down and keep your feet flat on the floor a little wider than your shoulders. Slowly bend your legs to start the exercise and make sure to keep your back as straight as possible. You should also keep your head up and try to look straight ahead during the exercise. Keep your feet flat on the floor as you squat down. When your thighs are parallel to the floor, stand back up to finish the first repetition. Try to do at least 10 repetitions and then take a short break.



Those who regularly exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle generally have a higher self-esteem due to a more positive self-image (when you look good, you feel good), cardiac endurance and strength level.  The studies also show exercisers (Strength Exercise in particular) usually have higher metabolisms and tend to have higher levels of satisfaction.  And if all that isn’t enough…The conclusion is that sex itself also reduces stress and can lower blood pressure. Engaging in sex one to two times per week has shown a link to higher levels of Immunoglobulin A, which is an antibody that protects against colds and other infections.




Posture is a double-edged sword.  Do you hunch because you sit a lot or do you hunch because you have short and tight muscles pulling you down?  Bad posture can cause back and neck pain, severe headaches, illness, poor breathing patterns and even spinal curvature.

Regardless of age, Posture wreaks havoc on your health by creating crowded internal organs, leading to shallow breathing, poor digestion, and fatigue.  It appears posture impacts and controls all bodily functions from breathing to hormonal production.  Spinal pain, headache, mood, blood pressure, pulse and lung capacity are among the many conditions influenced by faulty posture.

 The problem with a “hunch back or hump on your upper back” is that your body has to build additional fascia to support the forward weight.  A rounded back may also cause your head to be in front of your body (forward head posture) creating an additional 7lb-10lbs of weight for the spine to support for each inch your head protrudes.

“For every inch of Forward Head Posture, it can increase the weight of the head on the spine by an additional 10 pounds.” -Kapandji, Physiology of Joints, Vol. 3

The good news is that poor posture is not a life sentence, I can say that personally.  With corrective exercise and specific stretches, posture can improve which will level up your quality of life everyday.  The first step would be to find a qualified professional (CHEK Professional, Chiropractor or a Trainer) who can access and address what muscles are short and tight or possibly long and weak.  Once you are aware of what’s causing the problem, you should follow a specific corrective exercise program to lengthen and loosen the impaired muscles.

Benefits of corrected posture range from being more energetic, looking sexier and healthier, better focus from better flow of oxygen, better Sex due to better breathing and more oxygen, the appearance of being thinner and taller, less to elimination of neck pain and headaches, better digestion and elimination and did I say better Sex??

Massage is another tool to help with the corrections and elimination of poor posture.  Other protocols to consider are MAT, ART and NKT.  You could also buy a foam roller and learn self-myofacial release before bed so that while you sleep, your muscles repair themselves in the correct position.


If you would like to try some stretches on your own, here are some ideas that may help:

Neck Bend. Place your left hand on the upper back portion of your head. Guide your head to the left and forward (like pouring water out of your ear) until you feel a stretch along the back/right side of your neck. Hold for 5-10 seconds before switching sides. Be careful when releasing, especially if you are really tight.


Chest Stretch

1A Stand parallel to a door frame and place your right hand up against the frame, right foot forward in a staggered stance and gently lean forward and twist left (opposite direction) and slightly forward until you feel a stretch on the right side of your chest (your pectoral muscles)




2B Grasp your palms behind your low back and extend your arms up and out as you push your chest forward. Hold this position for 30 seconds.





Foam Roll Upper Back – Have a professional show you this before trying alone







It’s that time again, you know, back to school, fall, complicated schedules, cooler weather time and you are feeling the effects of SUMMER Fun and Over Indulgence.  Our bodies follow the seasons and truly benefit from cleansing 3 times a year.  The best times are Fall, Spring and Summer, with a Bonus in January for New Years Resolutions made easy.  The complication arises from the 100′s of ways people are saying you should detox/cleanse.  I am a strong believer that Detoxes should be food based, while allowing your Phase 1 and Phase 2 Pathways to eliminate stored toxins.  A detox should also allow you to Reboot your system and cravings.  Lastly, it shouldn’t be dreaded and hard to stick to.

You can support your body, take care of your Liver and lose weight all while eating more food and losing your nagging cravings.  It’s a lot easier than you may think. Keep reading to learn how and why toxins get stored in your body and the dangers they can have on your system and health.  I have a way for you to still eat food, and even drink a bit (if you must) while still detoxing and feeling better and thinner than you have in years.


Did you know the body has several channels or means of eliminating toxins and waste?  The lungs, liver, lymphatic system, blood, bowels and kidneys all work in tandem to keep your body functioning at its best.

In today’s world, exposure to toxins is all but unavoidable occurs from processed food, pollution, pesticides, and almost any dangerous chemical. Fortunately, you can catalyze detoxification through dietary changes and small lifestyle adjustments.  You can also give your body a helping hand by focusing on the following:

Lungs: To keep the lungs clean and functioning at their best, avoid smoking—and smokers! Practice deep breathing exercises in fresh air for about 15 minutes per day. Also try to get plenty of exercise, to increase your air capacity.  Meditation also helps.

Liver: An integral part of your body’s detoxification system, the liver metabolizes everything from food to alcohol. When the liver functions properly, it removes waste from the blood and stores nutrients. To naturally detoxify the liver, eat plenty of antioxidant-rich foods such as dark leafy greens and minimize alcohol consumption.  There are some foods and substances that need to be limited so you don’t wear out your liver.  You need to monitor your:

  • Sugar intake
  • Alcohol amounts
  • Caffeine
  • Medications
  • Drugs 
  • Additives  
  • A surprise is that Artificial Sweeteners are even more dangerous to your Liver than real Sugar.  This is one of the worst things you can stress your LIVER with.

Lymphatic system: The lymphatic system protects your body from illness and disease. When it doesn’t function properly, you feel fatigued and sick. To protect your lymphatic system, avoid processed foods and eat whole foods instead. You can also get a lymphatic massage, exercise, and sit in a sauna, as sweating purges toxins from this system.  You should incorporate exercising such as jumping rope, rebounding and walking to move the lymph through your system.

Blood: The blood transports nutrients and other substances to organs within the body. By detoxifying the blood, it will be better equipped to carry nutrients throughout the body. Drinking plenty of filtered water to hydrate your body and eating plenty of fiber helps here. Sweating via a tough workout cleanses the blood as well.

Bowels: A healthy colon breaks down the various nutrients you consume within a day. The colon also eliminates waste from the body through feces. To maximize colon health, eat plenty of high-fiber foods (shoot for at least 25 grams of fiber per day) and drink at least 8 glasses of pure, filtered water daily.

Kidneys: The kidneys eliminate waste by producing urine. Dehydration is one of the main causes of ineffective kidneys. By drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day, you can optimize kidney function.

Don’t be fooled by expensive supplements marketed to detoxify your body. By eating nutritious foods, exercising, and drinking pure filtered water, you can support immune function and overall health by purifying your main detox channels.

Eat these liver supporting detoxifying foods for added support this Fall before your Cleanse:

  1. Artichokes – Artichokes have been shown to increase bile production and purify/protect the liver. They also have a mild diuretic effect on the kidneys, ensuring proper removal of toxins once the liver breaks them down.
  2. Dandelion – They’re a rich source of minerals and are super antioxidants that support cleansing of the digestive tract and offer great liver support. Try adding dandelion leaves to your salad or morning smoothie.
  3. Lemons – This wonderful fruit stimulates the release of enzymes and helps convert toxins into a water-soluble form that can be easily excreted from the body. Drinking lemon water, which is alkaline-forming, first thing in the morning will help to balance out the acidity of foods.
  4. Garlic – It’s a powerful antiviral, antiseptic and antibiotic. Ridding your body of these pathogenic microbes can reduce endogenous (made by your body) toxins.
  5. Apples – You get fiber, vitamins, minerals and many beneficial phytochemicals such as D-Glucarate, flavonoids and terpenoids. All of these substances are used in the detox process. One flavonoid, Phlorizidin (phlorizin), is thought to help stimulate bile production which helps with detox as the liver gets rid of some toxins through the bile. Apples are also a good source of the soluble fiber pectin, which can help detox metals and food additives from your body. It’s best to eat only organic apples as the non-organic varieties are among the top 12 foods that have been found to contain the most pesticide residues.

For more information on a 2 week program to help you detoxify and start the Fall Season Thinner, Tighter, Cleaner and Healthier and Fabulous while cleaning up from SUMMER Fun and the Over Indulgence most people experience just click here: 




Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 6.32.16 PM

There are many reasons to avoid eating food that contains Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) but the most important is to maintain good gut health.

Gut health plays an important role in overall health because more than 75 percent of your immune system resides in your digestive system. A healthy gut fights off toxins, allergens, and microbes, while absorbing the nutrients you need to stay well. Also, your gut and brain have neurotransmitters that send information back and forth. If the messages in either direction to the gut are altered or not received properly, your health can become compromised.

GMOs and Your Health
Your immune system cannot identify GMOs and when detected it sees a threat and initiates an inflammatory response. One of the most critical and worst places for the inflammatory response to occur is in your gut. Your gut is the second brain of your body and if it is continually detecting these threats and sending out signals of inflammation it can become a chronic condition that leads to pain, hormone imbalance, excess weight and stress. Chronic inflammation has roots that may grow into diseases such as heart disease, autoimmune diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, allergies and cancer.

What is a GMO you ask?
In an effort to make it easier for farmers to control pests in various crops, genetic engineers created something called “BT Toxin.” They took a gene from bacteria that grows naturally and engineered it into the corn and soy crops so the plants would fight off the insects themselves.  After ingestion, BT Toxin attacks the cells of the insect’s gut, essentially causing the insect’s stomach to explode. Another study showed that the toxin breaks open pores in human cells, which may mirror what it does to the gut of insects

Both Monsanto (the company that created it) and the FDA assured the public that there was no risk to humans ingesting BT Toxin, claiming the digestive system would destroy the toxin. However studies show the toxin has contributed to the rise in such diseases as leaky gut syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, and even cancer1.

In case you’re now asking, what’s leaky gut syndrome? I have that answer for you too.  Basically, your digestive system (your gut) is designed to keep all digested, broken down food in the tract so it can be disposed of or sent to the parts of your body that use the nutrients and proteins which have been extracted.  Leaky Gut allows the food particles and proteins to leak out into your blood system and cause havoc.  Your body now identifies the broken down food as if it were a bacteria, virus or invader, because your body knows the particles shouldn’t be there.  This causes your body to produce an inflammatory response to “Kill” the food particles and proteins.  This process prohibits your digestive system from optimal function, puts you at risk for many diseases and inhibits how many nutrients you actually break down and absorb properly.

The good news is that avoiding GMOs can be relatively easy—if you know what to look for.

How to Avoid GMOs
Since GMO labeling doesn’t currently exist in the US it’s important to understand where your food comes from and to avoid processed foods. There are nine primary Genetically Engineered food crops, but their derivatives are in more than 70 percent of supermarket foods, particularly processed foods. The most prevalent genetically modified crops include canola, corn, papaya, soybeans, and sugar beets.

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Buy whole food and organic food whenever possible
  • Purchase beef that is 100% grass-fed, so it is never fed corn or soy
  • Seek products specifically labeled as non-GM or GMO free. (This is rare; it’s not required yet by the USDA)
  • Avoid aspartame, which is derived from a GE organism
  • Shop locally. Most GM food produced in the US comes from large, industrial farms
  • Grow your own food or join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)
  • Learn how to read PLU (Product Look Up) codes. A 5-digit code starting with 8 is a   GMO product

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 6.44.12 PM

Since labeling on GMO products is not mandatory, your best chance of avoiding GMO foods is to pay attention to the origin of your food. Eating whole food, grown with safe practices, that’s not processed is so important for maintaining a healthy gut. This in turn will enable you to maintain good overall health as well. Remember: A healthy gut means a happy, healthy body and mind.

What you eat matters and what your food “eats” matters too.