Avoid The Flu, Viruses and Colds This Winter With 10 Easy, Safe and Effective Tips- No Side Effects Included

by Randi on December 4, 2012

Being sick stinks!  Just because the temps are cooling off that doesn’t mean your destined for colds, flu and viruses this winter

You can dodge the dreaded flow of germs being freely passed around in the late fall and winter months by taking extra steps to support your immune system. Here are 10 simple, all-natural and Proven ways to help protect yourself,  so you are flu- and cold-resistant this year:

  • Hydrate – Dehydration weakens your immune system since it NEEDS  fluid to flush toxins out. In addition, dehydration makes you feel droopy; it’s the #1 cause of daytime fatigue. Make sure you drink enough pure, filtered water throughout the day—68 ounces is the rule of thumb: Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water each day but you should drink more if you feel parched (as that’s a clear sign of dehydration)
  • Sleep – Lack of SLEEP takes its toll on your immune system because your cells regenerate while you rest. To avoid feeling run down, get at least 7-9 hours sleep. PS: You can’t make up your Sleep hours later in the week; it just doesn’t work that way

  • Sweat –And when I say Sweat- I mean a good round of Exercise is necessary because when you sweat, you release toxins and rev up your metabolism. A heated up metabolism helps your body heat up, so you produce more white blood cells, which are basically your immune’s system’s HEALTHY Army. Go Troops!!  MAJOR MUST DO: add jumping, rebounding or speed walking into your routine, because that will move your Lymph (which is basically your holding place for germs, viruses and bacteria) through and out of your system.  If you don’t move it through with pumping motion, all the SH-T just stays festering, brewing and ready to wreak Havoc in your body.  YUCK and NO THANKS

  • Neti Pot – regularly using the neti pot (which involves pouring distilled saline through your nasal passages) assists the body’s natural defenses by cleaning out any bacteria, allergens, and other irritants from the cilia of your nose. If Neti isn’t your thing, try squeezing a saline solution into your nose instead. Try AYR brand, its non addicting and safe.


  • Reduce Sugar Intake – Did you know that each teaspoon of SUGAR actually suppress your immune system for up to 4 HOURS? That donut or candy bar and sugar filled Frappaccino may deserve a second thought. That Frappaccino may have as many as 8 teaspoons of SUGAR. The math means 32 HOURS of reduced Immune function for just that 1 drink. That may be when the FLU virus finds its chance to break through.

  • Ginger Tea – brewing fresh ginger tea provides your body with ample antioxidants to help fortify your immune system. Because it’s a warming spice, it is especially protective when it’s cold and windy outside

  • Echinacea – Has long been used to support the immune system, you can enjoy Echinacea in tea or tincture form to help prevent and shorten the duration of a cold. Another preventative supplement is Sambucol, made from standardized black elderberry extract. This is natural remedy with antiviral properties, especially against different strains of influenza virus.

  • Garlic – Garlic and onion are part of the allicin family, which contains potent antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Eaten raw it’s most effective, but if you (or those around you) can’t tolerate that, lightly cooked garlic will provide ample defense during cold and flu season. Sautéed Spinach and garlic anyone?

  • Probiotics – Roughly 70% of your immune system lives in your gut. Let that sink in a minute. By adding additional healthy bacteria in the form of high-quality probiotic supplement, you will begin to strengthen you immune system and keep the “bad” bacteria in check.


  • Vitamin D - This Miracle Vitamin actually works more like a hormone in your body.  When your levels are at the top of the range (close to 90 or higher) you give your immune system added protection against Flu, Viruses and Colds.  But wait, it gets even better because Vitamin D has also been shown to help protect against CANCER.  It’s True and it’s being written about in many medical journals all the time.  Go get your Vitamin D tested, the test is called 25OH.  If your thinking, how will I do this, its simple.  Just go to the link on my website www.finalstoptohealth.com (your probably here already) and click the tab that says Links and then click Direct Labs.com and order the test yourself (for a minimal price).  Take your kit to your local lab to have the blood drawn and voila, you’ll have your results.  Trust me, this is a MUST DO FOR ALL!!!

BONUS TIP to stay healthy this season and help your immune system is to use Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils such as Young Living. Did you know, many medicines come from plant and oil origins? I was not always a believer, but I am hooked.  This stuff works for everything from colds and skin irritations to bloating, headaches and prevention.  You can even use them for muscle aches or just to set the mood. Click below to read more about essential oils; especially Thieves oil to keep you healthy this winter http://RandiDukoff.marketingscents.com/goland7

I’m gonna make this easy and say DO these first:

  1. Drink more 4 more glasses of water a day then you are now and keep track with an app
  2. Get an extra hour of sleep a night
  3. Go up the steps 3 extra times a day or sit and stand in your chair, staying heavy on your heals 20 times/3x a day
  4. Buy a good Probiotic (Jarrow or Garden of Life Primal Defense) and begin taking it everyday
  5. Test your Vitamin D and begin taking a high quality supplement if you are low. 

I’m going to say that because you chose to read this blog, your interested in staying healthy this winter and do not want to use drugs that have umpteen precautions and dangers listed on the box, Right? So, I urge you to try some of these out and share this information with people you love, like or just care about, a little bit. Use the share buttons at the bottom to spread the word and please leave comments below with what works for you.

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